Let Us Answer Your Questions

  • What Bible version do you use? Teens for Christ NW is part of the Bible Quiz Fellowship, which now uses the ESV (2011 edition). 
  • What ages is it for? All students grades 6-12.
  • How many quizzers are on a team? A full team has 7 quizzers.
  • What is the time commitment? Teams typically practice once a week for 2-3 hours. All the teams come together one Saturday a month for competition, Oct-March.  Quizzers should expect to work on their own 3-5 hours a week to be competitive.
  • Is there a cost? There is a fee for Bible Quizzing. The fee is $100 per child.
  • Will Teens for Christ supply a coach? We offer the service of Bible Quizzing to churches and other groups as a tool to supplement your existing ministry. To that end, it works best if you have an adult from your ministry who can step into the coaching role. No experience is necessary to coach, just a willingness to take ownership and invest in students, and we can help train you on how to coach a Bible Quiz team. However, if you don’t have a full team, or if you don’t have an adult available to coach, don’t let that stop you! Let us know that you have students looking for team or coach, and we will help you find a place.
  • How do I get started? The Kickoff Retreat is September is a great introduction for new quizzers. Or, contact us if you’d like to host a demo or workshop, or get more information on how to sponsor a team.

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