Bible Quizzing

Fun and Encouraging Studying the Bible

What is Bible Quizzing?

Bible Quizzing is an exciting and effective way to get teenagers to memorize the Bible. Teams compete against each other by “jumping” off a pressure-switch, and then have a chance to answer a question from certain verses out of the New Testament.  The  program uses positive competition and peer encouragement to motivate teens and pre-teens to memorize God’s Word, making this a truly unique ministry tool.

Why it Works

Bible quizzing has been so successful because it incorporates fun, competition, teamwork, and fellowship with the sole purpose of strengthening a teenager’s faith and directing him or her to seek a more intimate and real relationship with God. We encourage coaches and other adults to take an active interest in lives of the youth, discipling them into earnest followers of Christ. Because of the Biblical foundation they build into their lives through memorization and study, Bible quizzers tend to become spiritual leaders among their peers.

As one quizzing mom put it, “Besides God Himself, there are only two things that are eternal: us, and His Word.  When you put those together, it’s a very profound and powerful experience.” 


  So many of our quizzers say that even years after they memorize, those verses come back to them in crucial moments of need. 

 While the words “Bible” “quiz” might sound boring to a teenager, it’s actually a lot of fun when they give it a chance, and they almost always find that they are better at it they think they would be.

Bible Quizzing Testimonials

“Bible Quizzing is really what has grounded my relationship with Christ. I am amazed in how many ways, and how many times God has used the scripture which I have memorized in a very profound way in my life… I love it!”

“I think the competition honed the drive that pushes me to not be satisfied with a mediocre Christian life, but instead to work hard at getting to know God more.”

“Through Bible Quizzing I have developed amazing relationships with strong Christian adults and teens and they have helped me be molded into a true servant of Christ.”

Our Values

God’s Word

Think about it for a minute: the Creator of the Universe, the infinitely powerful God, who holds world in the palm of His hand, gives a personal message to direct and shape our lives.  Our spiritual development — our very being — depends directly on our interaction with God’s life-giving Word in our lives. 

Bible Quizzing helps young people to internalize Scripture for a lasting and meaningful effect.


Bible Quizzing provides a setting to develop strong friendships, and healthy mentor-ship.  We recognize our need as people to be not only social (though that has its place), but to be truly relational — to share our deepest selves with others.  Many graduated quizzers say that their closest friends came from among their teammates, and they continue to cultivate those relationships even years later.  Furthermore, quizzing gives many families a common activity to share.  Finally, we encourage coaches and other adults to take an active interest in lives of the youth, training them to be earnest followers of Christ.

Positive Competition

Competition is the key motivating factor of quizzing — that’s what makes it fun!  But even more than that, we emphasize sportsmanship and encouragement; we strive to use a positive pressure on each other to raise us to excellence.  It’s not uncommon to hear quizzers encourage teammates to “shake it off” after an error, or even shout out cheers for opposing teams.  

Is it for you?

We believe that Bible Quizzing will help any youth leader realize his or her goal to take teenagers to a deeper level of commitment and pursuit after God. Both church and location-based teams compete in the Teens for Christ league. Teams have the opportunities to participate in a Regional and National Tournament. Teens for Christ can work with you to develop a Bible quizzing team for your youth. 
Please talk to us today if you would like more information or if you would be interested in having a Bible quizzing demonstration at your church. Here is a link to some Bible Quizzing resources

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